What Is Analytics Segment IQ?


Imagine you are a marketing analyst for a chain of movie theatres. Based on information from online ticket sales, you can determine at least some of the future features that are likely to interest certain audience members, but you need a way to apply that information to similar visitors.

You also understand that differences in audience preferences can be just as important as similarities, when it comes to targeting the right content to visitors. So how can you understand engagement for a particular individual, when that individual may reside in multiple audience segments, and use those insights to drive compelling experiences for like minded visitors?

With the Segment IQ capability of Adobe Analytics.

The Segment IQ capability of Adobe Analytics compares audiences against each other across all of a company’s metrics, dimensions, and segments in order to discover the significant differences and insights driving KPIs.

Using this information, marketers and analysts users can more easily gain visibility into which segments are most important to their business—and more importantly, why those segments are important—so they can acquire customers more efficiently.

Most audience members don’t fit neatly into a single segment; in fact, almost no audience member does. For example, ticket sales might indicate a father takes his young children to all the latest CGI animated films from a particular studio, while other data suggests that same person frequents each new superhero movie with friends.

Segment IQ helps marketers understand the overlaps between these two audience types, so companies can identify similar aspects of multiple segments to provide more relevant content and personalised user experiences.

Segment IQ doesn’t just look for similarities; it helps companies identify the differences between specific audience members, so they can optimize engagement based on predominant characteristics.

For example, if there is little overlap between “desktop users” and “gold package ticket holders,” Segment IQ can help identify the differences that are unique to “gold” users and move more “desktop” customers into the “gold” category.

By understanding the differences between visitors, marketers can identify better ways to group likeminded people by non-generic attributes and behaviors.

Trying to find and compare minute patterns in attributes and behaviors could take dozens—if not hundreds—of reports, not to mention the time investment for an analyst to splice those reports together in various ways, assuming they even know what they are looking for.

Segment IQ includes the latest in machine-learning insight innovation, which automatically culls all the available data to find patterns even the most diligent analyst could never identify. Companies save time, money, and resources, and improve the overall efficiency and relevance of their digital properties, through proper segmentation of their unique visitors.

Adobe Analytics combines data from online and offline channels to give organisations real-time insights into campaign and website performance and customer behaviour across channels.

The Segment IQ capability comes with all implementations of Adobe Analytics, full integration with the other capabilities of the solution, and integration with other solutions of Adobe Marketing Cloud. Segment IQ enables marketers and analysts to quickly identify and acquire their most valuable audience segments.

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