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Adobe Mobile Services is the name given to Adobe Analytics for Apps, an integrated package that feeds information back to business users to showcase how users are interacting with apps on their smartphones and tablets.

How would we use Adobe Mobile Services? Imagine you are a head of mobile marketing for a large financial organisation with a strong online presence. For months you’ve been told to build an app with little concern about how to track the apps performance, users or conversions.

Now the focus has shifted and it’s not just about staying ahead of the competition, you need to show your executives a return on their mobile app investment.

So how can you get the clearest picture of your mobile apps performance? With tools to share app user data with other enterprise data to form a complete picture of your customers with the mobile Analytics capability of Adobe Analytics.

The mobile Analytics capability of Adobe Analytics is a comprehensive measurement and reporting solution that lets organisations directly measure and report the effectiveness of their mobile app investment.

It provides easy-to-use integrated app Analytics and messaging capabilities to help mobile teams understand user behaviour, optimise app experiences to user preferences and target content to improve user engagement.

The mobile Analytics capability of Adobe Analytics is enabled by the highest performing SDK on the market, so companies can be up and running with life cycle, device, app-centric, location and many campaign metrics in as quickly as 5 minutes.

Built for data level integration with Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Media Optimiser with a single SDK, Mobile Analytics enables companies to implement capabilities such as A/B testing and mobile targeting in their apps very quickly without negatively impacting performance.

An app-centric user interface was designed specifically around mobile app measurement and optimisation with intuitive reports and visualisation that allow mobile app product in marketing teams to quickly gain valuable answers and insights and then share those insights throughout the organisation.

The Mobile Analytics capability of Adobe Analytics lets companies create marketing campaign links to their apps in the Apple app store and Google Play, so they can a tribute acquisition campaign success events to app downloads and measure the effectiveness of paid, earned and owned media.adobe analytics for apps

Once acquired, companies can measure the continued engagement and retention of users and they can segment customers based on their utilisation of the app after the first launch. By understanding which app features lead to repeat launches and in-app conversions, companies can optimise their apps to increase usage in revenue.

For example segmenting and targeting customers based on their lifetime value.

The Mobile Analytics capability of Adobe Analytics offers robust location-based Analytics for targeted engagement. Companies can measure usage behaviour patterns based on location and Geo-fencing, and they can use location to segment customers, tailor app experiences and execute on location based marketing.

Mobile Analytics also enables the delivery of messaging and personalisation based on the user’s proximity to beacons on iOS and Android devices, so companies can dramatically increase customer interaction with advertised products by delivering messaging and personalisation based on location.

The mobile Analytics capability of Adobe Analytics provides an intuitive, interactive way to visualise existing data that breaks down multiple dimensions and shows the relative impact of key metrics on that data. Analysts can instantly see app-data the way they want, so they’re free to discover new audiences for segmentation and targeting.

Mobile teams can use mobile Analytics to visually display how users navigate through the app, or which actions users are most likely to take so they can learn how to optimise mobile app experiences based on user segments and behaviour.

The advanced reporting options in the mobile Analytics capability of Adobe Analytics help companies identify key in-app activities that increase the value of an app user, assign each activity of value and then accumulate the total overtime, giving marketers the advantage of targeting customers based on their lifetime value.

Additionally users can report on the merging of aggregated app store data in the same reports as app user data, so analyst’s have a complete picture of the apps performance and value in one place. Finally, with offline tracking, insights from disconnected user interactions and app engagement can be collected and surfaced.

Analytics data can be queued when the device is offline and then sent once the device comes back online for a more complete picture of user engagement.

Adobe Analytics combines data from online and offline channels to give organisations real-time insights into campaign and website performance and customer behaviour across channels.

Mobile Analytics capability comes with all implementations of Adobe Analytics, full integration with the other capabilities of the solution and integration with other solutions of Adobe marketing cloud. Mobile Analytics gives organisations a clear picture of their apps performance for future optimisation efforts.

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