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Understanding your starting point is essential if you are to reach your goals. The Goji team are Google Analytics certified, able to unlock insights that enhance your site and supercharge online conversions. We have an eye for detail in using web analytics to gauge user behaviour and take meaningful insights from it.

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And let’s face it, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Our Google Analytics consultant has years of experience and is here to assist. Having recently engaged with a number of high end projects, including implementing advanced Web Analytics for the NSW Government and improving conversion optimisation for a number of retail organisations, we have the experience and qualifications to help you get the most out of your web traffic. Contact us today to discuss your business needs or for an obligation-free quote.

Google analytics reporting dashboards

Google Analytics for Your Business

Web-analytics are essential in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your website. Without it you may be flying blind.

What can I get out of a basic Google Analytics set up?

  1. A reporting interface that reports how many users come to your website, when and for how long
  2. Reports that slice and dice data around which pages users arrive on, how long and whether they are leaving quickly or spending the desired amount of time there
  3. Which other websites users are coming from
  4. How easily your website is being found in Google by your potential customers
  5. What social media channels are working for you
  6. Which of your marketing channels provide the most profitable customers to your site
  7. How and where you should invest more of your marketing dollars into your web marketing

Goji also specialises in more complicated data retrieval and reporting, including how your users interact with various elements such as buttons and forms, and integrated eCommerce tracking for online stores. So how does Goji bring this to life?

Our team will provide you with a customised analytics reporting dashboard illustrating key metrics in a clear, sleak design, perfect for presentations. We also provide ongoing consultation and interpretation of data to show how it can be used to fine tune your site’s user experience and seriously increase your online revenue.

We are highly adept to providing more advanced analytics implementions, such as eCommerce and Event Tracking – for common issues such as Outbound Links, Ajax, and other non-SEO/analytics friendly technologies. We also specialise in multichannel attribution and attributed conversion modelling.

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Analytics Programs We Specialise In

Google Analytics services
Programs that Goji commonly work with include:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Adwords
  3. Google Webmaster Tools
  4. Google Tag Manager
  5. Other Tag Management Tools
  6. Adobe Site Catalyst

Customised Google Analytics Installations

Standard Google Analytics reports can shed a good deal of insight as to your users behaviour, but what else is available? At Goji, we can assist in installing the following tracking improvements that can drastically improve your data collection of user behaviour.

  • Google Analytics on Steriods (GAS)
  • Tracking code improvements
  • Mailto, outbound links, scrolling percentage reports
  • Event tracking
  • Ecommerce tracking
  • Google Tag Manager implementation
  • Multichannel attribution
  • Conversion funnels and conversion optimisation
  • Remarketing or retargeting

Google Analytics for Ecommerce and Retail Websites

Business and marketing intelligence has never been so accessible with Google Adwords and Analytics combined. We assist in the installation of ecommerce tracking for retail sites, as well as building remarketing lists for display advertising, segmenting of users and more.

A Case Study – Learner’s English Software

Google Analytics and Conversion Optimisation 

This multi-lingual English Language course-ware from our clients across the Tasman made for an interesting user case.

Targeting 4 different languages across 4 Asian countries meant understanding how each culture valued the various online paths to conversion, from social media to email, paid search and organic traffic.

Creating and implementing a content strategy that covered all of these regions all at once required the need for a first class method to measure these channels.

It also meant implementing essential cross-domain tracking for Google Analytics and e-commerce tracking to help the marketing team pinpoint the best campaigns for each region and each product category. Using this information we could understand which marketing channels provided the highest returns, including assisted conversions and those that both started off and finished the user’s path to purchase.

Our Service Promise – Leaving No Stone Unturned

At Goji Web we make a promise to ensure ongoing assistance in all things digital. This includes factors such as digital strategy, search marketing, domain names, hosting, improving of landing pages, website upgrades, and any factors that might affect your web presence.

Read our testimonials

The guys at Goji made quick and easy work of implementing our Web Analytics. Its all guesswork unless you have someone to take you through the in’s and outs. I cannot recommend them enough.

Denise Hurford, Learner’s English, New Zealand

Our business was small and needed a helping hand to be recognised in Google’s search results. This team has worked wonders to get us up onto the first page of Google for terms that we never thought we could obtain. Five stars!

Melissa Eggleton, Vernon Partner’s Real Estate, Mosman, Sydney

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