About Goji Web

In 2015, Goji was founded by Matt Murfitt (web analyst) and Si Nguyen (web developer) as a marketing consultancy, focusing on analytics, search and web development.

Since then, Goji Web has worked with dozens of leading retail, finance, media, technology and government organisations to increase advertising ROI and improve customer insights.

Our purpose has always been to:

  • provide training to better enable marketing teams
  • implement best-in-practice marketing technology and
  • optimise digital campaigns for maximum profitability

Also in 2017, Goji Web joined the Adobe eco-system as a certified partner, first in Adobe Analytics and then Adobe Advertising Cloud.

Combining Adobe’s tools and paid media to increase profit for our clients continues to be a central part of our business model.

Today we are rapidly growing our capabilities, continuing to help companies on their journey towards Digital Transformation.

We work hand in hand with our clients, providing services in web development, analytics, advertising, consulting and personalisation.

In 2019, we were selected to be the exclusive Adobe Experience Cloud reseller in the Asia Pacific region.

Our head office is situated in Sydney, Australia. You can view more on our team members here.

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