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As a Specialised Adobe Analytics Cloud Partner, Goji assists companies to install, manage and commercialise their audience data using Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager (AAM).

Our team of analytics and data consultants are experts in extracting and interpreting data from these platforms, allowing your company to maximise its data monetisation across multiple channels.

We provide training, strategic services, campaign management and data management consulting services as part of our SLA.

This includes using Audience Manager to:

  • Facilitate 2nd and 3rd party data exchanges,
  • PMP deals,
  • Integrating with Ad Exchanges
  • Integrating with DSPs or SSPs
  • Embrace cross-device targeting
  • Integrating your offline and online data
  • Selling and buying audience traits with other data-ready organisations
  • Creating algorithmic lookalike audiences to tap into similar, high value segments

For more information on how Goji can assist with your data and analytics services, including Audience Manager partnering and consulting services, contact us using our easy online form.

Why Should I Use Audience Manager DMP?

There have never been so many data points that we can take from our customers to ensure that we are reaching exactly the audience that’s most effective to our business. But this presents a challenge.

There is often no clear Return on Investment for each marketing channel, and these channels don’t integrate easily with each other. So our efforts are siloed and separated as customers enter and leave each channel, from social media, search, display and email to our websites and CRMs.

Adobe Audience Manager is a world leading Data Management Platform (DMP), used to connect potentially hundreds of data sources together to monetise websites and target users across the web for traffic acquisition. It is fully agnostic and compatible with many platforms including both Adobe and 3rd-party products.

You could think of implementing a DMP as taking your current marketing efforts, and putting them on steroids. Why? Because when your different marketing channels are communicating with and complimenting one another in a seamless fashion, you are going to win the most customers, online. Imagine fully integrating your CRM with your digital advertising, social media and onsite website experience via personalisation. Your customer is now being targeted with a specific set of products or services matched to their requirements.

How can a DMP such as Audience Manager be used to my Advantage?

Marketing teams can use Audience Manager DMP to:

  1. Utilise web analytics data to narrow potential customers down based on their web behaviour, such as users who viewed a page on football gear.
  2. Identify the user or set of users (a segment) by gender, for example – all users who are male via the website’s CRM.
  3. Understand and segment these users by income bracket – for instance selecting those with a higher income.
  4. This segment of users (male football fans with higher incomes) can then be isolated in Audience Manager and tested against other segments for advertising and website personalisation. Testing hundreds or even thousands of such segments can yield huge differences in ad revenue or customer acquisition rates.
  5. Benefits are realised for both advertisers utilising DSP’s (Demand-Side Platforms) and publishers with SSP’s (Supply-Side Platforms) when combining data within a DMP. More targeted and intelligent segmentation allows publishers to charge a higher CPM and for advertisers to purchase more targeted ad inventory, ensuring that Cost Per Acquisition is greatly reduced and less wastage in each advertising dollar.

Benefits of Using Audience Manager

Audience Manager combines data from multiple sources to form a 360 degree view of the customer. This allows for vastly improved targeting of customers across your advertising and website assets.

Benefits of Adobe Audience Manager DMP


Audience Manager Integrations

Audience Manager integrates seamlessly with multiple Adobe platforms, including from the Adobe Marketing cloud, Advertising and Analytics clouds. Such programs include Adobe’s DSP, Campaign (Email & CRM), Adobe Analytics, Mobile Services, Campaign, Target, Experience Manager (AEM), Primetime and Media Optimizer.

Audience Manager also pulls in other first party data such as CRM and offline data, as well as 2nd party data from promotional partners. Third party data purchased from one of many data providers via the Audience Marketplace tool allows for a complete view of the customer, matched using non-personally identifiable data into a single user ID.  A full list of third party data providers on the Audience Manager’s Marketplace tool can be found via Adobe’s Audience Finder.

Examples of data-in and data-out integrations are shown below:

Adobe Audience manager integrations, plugins and services



As a Specialised Adobe Solutions Provider, Goji Web Marketing is presently helping companies install, manage and commercialise their website audiences using platforms such as Adobe Analytics and Audience Manager.

For more information on how Goji can assist with your data and analytics services, including Adobe partnering and consulting services, contact us using our easy online form.

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