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Adobe Analytics ReportsĀ capabilities are the flagship of their overall solution. How would you use Adobe Analytics reports?

Well, imagine you’re a Digital Director for an online retailer. You are responsible for understanding how your campaigns perform across web, mobile and all of the other digital channels so you can improve the customer experience, increase customer acquisition and demonstrate success with your marketing campaigns.

How can you understand the performance of your business across all digital channels and then share the factors critical for success with stakeholders eager for a data-driven understanding of marketing efforts?

The answer is the marketing Reports and Analytics capability of Adobe Analytics.

With Reports and Analytics, Adobe Analytics users can see and access campaign data in a single place, easily create customised dashboards to explore and gain insights into their data and communicate that information with robust reports and dashboards.

Adobe Analytics Reports interface
Adobe Analytics Reports Interface

Reports and Analytics enables these features across the organisation’s digital channels including mobile, social, video and more. For example, marketers can identify which screens on their mobile apps are the most popular.

They can also see the impact of social campaigns from initial contact, all the way to repeat customer. And the video dashboards for the effectiveness of advertising from pre roll to the viewers who finish the video. Best of all, users can integrate all of these interactions to refine their views of visitors and optimise conversions.

In our multi screen world, users engage with brands on the web, social networks and tablet devices. Consequently their data is scattered across teams and the organisation, leaving them an incomplete picture of their efforts.

The Reports and Analytics capability collect all of an organisations data in one place, providing the organisation and more a comprehensive view of their visitors and campaign performance. With access to these views in real-time, business users can respond to new opportunities as they develop.

Without a way for stakeholders to interpret their data, make recommendations and take action on those recommendations, data’s usefulness is limited.

The Reports and Analytics capability does more than report key metrics. It provides interactive dashboards for intuitive and accurate visual analysis and attribution of customer interactions, making big data insights accessible and actionable.

Business users need a way to easily share the insights from their data in the format stakeholders expect. The customisable reports provided by Reports and Analytics allow users to automate reports in a variety of formats including PDF, tablet download and more according to which teams preference.

Adobe Analytics combines data from online and offline channels to give the organisation real-time insights into campaign performance and customer behaviour across channels.

The Reports and Analytics capability comes with all implementations of Adobe Analytics, full integration with the other capabilities of the solution and integration with the other solutions of the Adobe marketing cloud.

The reports and Analytics capability provides the basis for the solution and reporting and visualisations for all of an organisations customer data and Analytics in a single place.

Goji provides consulting, training, support and implementation services to Australian and New Zealand organisations in Adobe Analytics, as well as other platforms in the Adobe Experience Cloud and Google Analytics. If you would like to discuss our services, use our contact form and tell us your story.

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