SleepX Gains 600% ROI with Goji Web and Adobe Ad Cloud


The bedding and mattress industry is a very tight market indeed, especially for new entrants. When Australia’s leading mattress producer Joyce entered the B2C market in late 2017 they knew it wouldn’t be easy.

Targeting urban professionals, the company trademarked and traded on the brand SleepX.

SleepX specialises in high technology foam mattresses, pillows and mattress toppers, engineered for comfort, eco-friendly and Australian made.

After facing a competitive marketplace with high penetration costs, the company hired Goji Web to turn around it’s Search and Social assets, with data-driven insights and analytics at the fore.

In September 2018, Goji Web’s deployed Adobe Advertising Cloud for the benefit of 4 of their customers. This has allowed SleepX to benefit from advanced features for Search Marketing using Ad Cloud’s unique set of tools, such as:

  • attribution modelling to incorporate Assisted Conversions (where Ad clicks occurred higher up the purchase funnel)
  • cost and revenue modelling
  • custom simulations
  • customised conversion weighting (to target upper funnel metrics as well as e-commerce transactions)

As of today, Goji Web has succeeded in improving the ROI of the account by 600%. That’s an increase of 6 times what the account was providing in revenue prior to the takeover of the account.

“With excellent analytics and search capabilities, our transactions are now five times higher and we were able to increase traffic by 48%”

SleepX Digital Marketing Manager, Kerstin Hoefner.

As with any digital marketing strategy, sorting the high-value terms vs the lower value / experimental terms has been the highest priority.  Other key attributes of the SleepX campaign has included:

  • Working at length with all stakeholders to ensure agile amendments to campaigns, as and when required
  • Retargeting via Search (RLSA’s) to bid more heavily on users who are further down the purchase funnel
  • Getting ‘inside the mind’ of the customer
  • Understanding the brand’s position in relation to competitors across key products
  • Harnessing Google Customer Match
  • Implementing best practices, such as call outs, dynamic search ads and enticing calls-to-action (e.g. Buy One Get One Free)

Goji Web’s Managing Director, Matt Murfitt says the company will push forward with plans to up-skill and hire new employees across Ad Cloud.

“This is a growth industry and we are keen to open it up to new players across multiple industry verticals.”

“Data-driven optimisation is at the heart of everything we do, so this tool is a perfect match for our clients and our sales proposition.”

adobe ad cloud amo line graph
Adobe Advertising Cloud reporting interface showing improvements over time.



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