Goji Web builds on Adobe Ad Cloud success


Adobe Solution Partner and digital consultancy Goji Web have had new success with Adobe’s Advertising Cloud, as another client enjoys improved performance from the technologically advanced platform.

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), Australia’s largest environmental charity are seeing steady and significant increases in revenue, website traffic and engagement, by as much as 100% month on month.

Another of Goji Web’s clients, online retail brand SleepX experienced a six fold increase in their returns since taking their Search and Social account across to the agency earlier in April 2018.

The success was amplified by utilising Ad Cloud’s advanced cost and revenue modelling capabilities, as well as customised conversion weighting and tailored attribution modelling.

Goji Web’s Managing Director, Matt Murfitt says the company will push forward with plans to up-skill and hire new employees across Ad Cloud.

“This is a growth industry and we are keen to open it up to new players across multiple industry verticals.”

“Data-driven optimisation is at the heart of everything we do, so this tool is a perfect match for our clients and our sales proposition.”

Goji Web is now one of the only certified companies in the Asia Pacific region across Adobe Advertising Cloud.

The certification adds to the agency’s Adobe Analytics and Google certified status.

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