Is Your B2B Digital Strategy Strong Enough?


As B2B specialists, we often hear the same themes from our clients and prospects: that agencies don’t understand the challenges and constraints faced by B2B marketers.

And in all fairness, most agencies find it a foreign concept that:

  • B2B businesses face smaller budgets than their B2C marketing counterparts
  • Email, Content and Social Media (often Linkedin) play a more pivotal role in winning accounts
  • A more sophisticated CRM may be required when targeting a business or department, rather than individual customers

But one thing that we often see underestimated in B2B marketing is the power of combining marketing tools into a collective source of data.

What does this mean?

Imagine for a minute that you could target a user with personalised content on your website, based on an email interaction they took from a newsletter. And from the action that they took on your website, you could then show them a Social or Video advertisement that was specific to the content they engaged with there.

Or even bid higher in Search campaigns for keywords that they expressed interest in to ensure this ad sits at no. 1 in Google, just for this individual.

This notion of 360 degree, integrated marketing is not only here already, it’s already being used by the most successful B2C marketers today.

Where B2B can leverage from this is to build on and leap-frog B2C marketers, who have paved the way forward. Take for example, online retail and travel providers, companies who thrive in the most competitive known, online industries today.

Companies such as and Appliances Online harness email triggers and automated workflows to full effect, ensuring click and event data is tracked and assigned to each user based on their interactions, then fed back to the company CRM. Google Advertising interactions are tracked back to CRM and email databases, held and processed ready for the next email send. Conversions are tracked across all channels and attributed accordingly using advanced analytics.

The customer approach is wholistic, personalised, tailored to each customer and dynamic.

This is the future of B2B marketing and its one that we explore everyday here at Goji Web.

If you would like to increase your B2B presence online and refine your digital strategy, contact Goji Web today for an obligation free discussion on how we can help.



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