Goji Harnesses Adobe Analytics for Publisher Insights on Major News Website


If you’ve ever published content online then you would know the importance of understanding how users engage with that content.

Now imagine that you are launching a News website that changes stories every hour, targets a traditionally fickle market, and pulls most of it’s return users from shared social posts. Content ‘stickiness’ is a must, as it’s virality or sharability.

At Goji, we are big on using our chosen, world-class tech platforms to garner useful insights for content publishers and website producers.

That’s why we deployed Adobe Analytics, Adobe’s enterprise level reporting and segmentation tool to show how users were interacting with one new, mobile-first news website┬áright from it’s inception.

User insights for Website Publishers

For publishers, analytics dimensions that are critical to understanding success are:

  • Dwell time on page
  • Bounce Rate
  • publisher dashboard adobe analytics workspaceTop Landing Pages
  • Time of Day
  • Day of Week
  • Author readership
  • Top Interactive Content
  • Real Time Content


Showing Off Your Insights with Killer Dashboards

Tailored web reports are essential for indepth analysis, but Dashboards are a useful way to showcase a website’s communicative progress to stakeholders within a business. A well designed and executed dashboard shows a wealth of information to users throughout the business, information which can easily be visualised, exported, shared and automated for consumption by relevant parties.

The Adobe Analytics Workspace now has greater capacity than ever to visualise trends to get publishers the information they need to create more engaging content that increase web traffic, revenue and publicity.


How Adobe Analytics Shines Above Google Analytics

Adobe Analytics is a premium, enterprise level Analytics tool. But how is it different to Google Analytics?

Aside from having a cleaner and more customisable interface, Adobe Analytics provides more ‘pathing analysis’ to how users move through a website. It also has the ability to drill deeper into how specific segments interact with your website and utilise those segments for automation, advertising or website personalisation.

This can be done in the Segment Builder tool within Adobe Analytics, but segments can also be combined with the Adobe Experience Cloud Visitor ID Service which allows interactions across a multitude of platforms to be integrated, measured and aggregated – to form a powerhouse of segmentation for enhanced ROI across all channels.

That is, its the combination of other platforms across the Adobe Experience Cloud and it’s integrated, audience analysis capabilities that really makes this Analytics tool shine.





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