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If you are on any of Adobe’s Experience Cloud platforms, from the CMS (Experience Manager), to analytics, personalisation, CRM or data management tools – there is every chance you are missing out on arguably the most profitable platform within the overall stack.

Adobe’s new, consolidated Advertising Cloud now comprises three parts – Search, Dynamic Creative (tied into the Creative Cloud) and Demand Side Platform, for automating display, social, video and programmatic TV buying. The Advertising Cloud is the industry’s first end-to-end platform for managing advertising across traditional TV and digital formats, incorporating AI for vast cost savings and improved revenue across every channel.

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Companies who are already utilising an Adobe product are already in an advantageous position to leverage their data collection by targeting users through the new Ad Cloud.

Those who aren’t on the Adobe stack can still make huge gains by utilising the Advertising Cloud, with Artificial Intelligence now integrated into the platform. Marketing teams can now set parameters within which AI functions can operate, discovering which segments and messaging converts at the best possible ROI.

“This is the benefit of this platform over others on the market,” says Matt Murfitt – Goji’s Director of Data and Analytics.

“When completely integrated with every company data source such as CRM data, offline, search, display and more – all sharing cookie data and engagement data, you have one seamless marketing machine.”

Goji are now offering a free demonstration of Adobe Advertising Cloud for the rest of March 2018.

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About Goji

Goji is one of a select few specialised Adobe Partners in the Asia Pacific region. We solve two key challenges for our clients:

  1. Technical implementation of Adobe platforms that maximise profitability, efficiency and customer experience
  2. Campaign execution to successfully advertise, personalise, analyse and optimise company web assets

Platforms we specialise in include:

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Audience Manager DMP
  • Adobe Advertising Cloud – across Video, Search, Display, Programmatic
  • Adobe Target

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