Goji Increases Major Solar Installer’s Returns by 300% in 4 Months


When the biggest independent Solar Installer in NSW joined Goji’s client roster in 2016, the company had a Cost per Acquisition of $150+ across Search, Social and Automation channels.

The company had tried using a number of in-house staff, freelancers and contractors to run their accounts, but no success had come of the attempt to break through this financial floor.

Added to that, their analytics account was fraught with tracking issues and inconsistencies, an issue which only further frustrated the company’s marketing and finance teams.

Enter Goji. Goji was signed on to increase the company’s revenue and slash their CPA (cost per acquisition). With a studious, detailed methodology, Goji’s search and social teams harvested and analysed their historical data.

With a ‘customer-first’ mindset, campaign managers restructured the accounts to ensure best practice learned from years of grinding experience. Ongoing account optimisation ensued and immediate quick-wins were scored.

The analytics issues were promptly ironed out by Goji’s Analytics team with new tools adopted and greater insights harnessed, fast-tracking the team’s ability to optimise far beyond their previous capability.

Within 4 months, the CPA of $150 was now down to a third of it’s former value, at just $50. A 300% increase in profitability meant the Solar Installer could increase their Digital Marketing budget and explore new areas, including sponsorship of a major AFL sports team.

This reversed the fortunes for not only the marketing and finance teams, but also for the entire business who were able to capture new insights on the behaviour of potential customers.

This included Search and Social segment data that fed insights to the Sales team, and cross channel tracking that showed how customers interact as they skip across marketing mediums.

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