Google Analytics Consultant, Adobe Analytics Consulting

Matt Murfitt is a Web Analytics Consultant and GA certified individual who takes a consultative approach to your web analytics needs.

Matt has over 10 years of experience Web Analytics consulting on, coaching, interpreting and implementing advanced Google and Adobe tactics across websites both big and small.

He can assist you to do the following:
• Create, install and troubleshoot Google Analytics tracking code
• Google Analytics one-on-one training or seminars for your team
• Interpreting your data to find vital insights to help make marketing decisions
• Setting up custom reports, automatic notifications and TV dashboards
• Google Tag Manager implementation and utilisation
• Multi-channel attribution and path analysis to help show you where your most valuable traffic comes from
• Conversion optimisation
• Google Adwords optimisation
• Ecommerce tracking and data interpretation
• Event tracking
• Virtual page view, outbound links and other, more complicated tracking methods

Matt has recently consulted for a number of large brands across NSW, including for the NSW Government Transport cluster, GlaxoSmithKline (,, and QSRH ( and

He can work to help educate you and your staff to empower you to make better marketing decisions for your Digital Marketing campaigns.

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